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We have been owned by Airedales  since 1988.  We bought our first Airedale when our daughter Megan was nine because we wanted a “Different” dog.   We have never looked  back!  Guinness immediately became top dog,   and was very quickly followed by Jever and Becky.  They all lived long and happy lives, Guinness made it to 14 years old.  Once they had passed on, we relocated and for a period  we had no Airedales.  We now live on a seven hectare property, with three fabulous Airedales.  A fourth has just joined the ranks, Rufus T Firefly.


Our Airedales are first and foremost pets.  They have been raised in our home, and are an integral part of our family.  Our lives seem to revolve around the care and maintenance of our Big Three, Albenor Braveheart (fondly known as Gus) Ankberg Calamity Jane  (Molly) and Ankberg Cleopatra (Chloe) all of Letamo.  All our Airedales believe that the master bedroom belongs to them.


We do have litters from time to time, and puppies will only go to approved Airedale homes. Breeding is not a source of income for us, our most important concern is finding happy, loving homes for every little Letamo Airedale.  We have a vigorous Puppy Sale Agreement which we implement.


To Show or not to Show?  This has always been an issue that we have skirted around.  But perhaps this year we may.  Watch our page!